Our Philosophy

Local food for Local People

Our passionate and knowledgable team at Brackley Butchers are true connoisseurs when it comes to meat. We combine the traditional skills of a butchery business with a modern, innovative approach to deepen local ties whilst educating and serving the local community. The team works hand in hand with other local businesses and producers who share our high standards to provide our customers with the highest quality meat which is locally sourced wherever possible.

We are fortunate that we have fantastic produce right on our doorstep. Newbottle Beef, Purston Lamb and Little Hill Farm Pork are all family run businesses within ten miles of our shop and we enjoy visiting their amazing farms on a regular basis. These farmers share our commitment to high standards of animal welfare, provenance and traceability. Even the slaughtering of the livestock is undertaken locally by Long Compton abattoir ensuring that we eliminate any welfare issues associated with long travel times. We can trace our product through its full journey from birth and parentage to how it’s hung, butchered and sold. Unlike many other butchers, we prefer undertaking our own butchery rather than buying boxed meat. From our cutting room on Newbottle Estate, we hang and prepare our meat using time honoured traditional Butchery craftsmanship to ensure that we do justice to the quality of the meat we work with and to eliminate wastage. From our famous beef mince to popular in-house crafted sausages, we ensure that our products are handmade from the best quality cuts of meat.  We are proud to work with some of the leading pubs and restaurants in our area who are fantastic ambassadors for our products.

From our shop in Brackley, we seek to share our passion and expertise with a friendly and welcoming service. Visiting a Butchers is more than just buying meat.  We ensure that the meat is prepared for our clients personally offering a bespoke butchery experience. Our expert team are always happy to provide advice on preparation, portion sizes and cooking times as well as inspiring new ideas and recipes.  We even offer a knife sharpening service enabling our home cooks to have the best tools at hand.  We seek to educate the wider community through meat demonstration evenings, visiting local schools and partaking in charity events such as the popular ‘Open Farm Sunday’ at Newbottle Estate as well as through our popular butchery and sausage making classes. We are working tirelessly to encourage people to learn more about the meat they buy and where it comes from, converting customers one sausage at a time.

Margaret Behan
Managing Director